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Experiment and Simulation on Biological Systems

Specialized Course (Advanced Laboratory Course), Intensive Week

Lecturers: Johannes Berg and Berenike Maier

Description of the course:

In this advanced course detailed experiments in evolution, genetics, cellular decision making, and gene expression will be conducted. The course consists of both "wet" lab experiments and computer simulations on the same topics. Similarly, lectures on the biological background will be presented both from the experimental and the theoretical perspectives. At the end of the course, participants will present their work. Participants of this course get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art experimental and computational techniques in biological physics.

Contents of the course:

  • Conducting evolution experiments, evolution of drug resistance
  • Modelling population genetics and evolution
  • Statistical analysis of experiments

Teaching methods:
Wet lab, computer simulations, lectures, seminar

General information:

  • The course will take place 03/13 - 03/17 2023.
  • Application deadline is 28/02 2023. Please register with Christina Wetzels at "".
  • The number of participants is limited to 12 (Cologne/Bonn).
  • As a specialized course within the area of specialization of Statistical and Biological Physics, 4.5 CP will be awarded to successful participants.