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We are delighted to announce the third edition of Griffith's Legacy online meeting. The topics will include

  • Molecular mechanisms of DNA uptake and recombination
  • Competence regulation
  • The role of transformation in chromsome dynamics and bacterial fitness
  • General topics in horizontal gene transfer
  • Method development


We are looking forward to seeing you there,

Briana Burton and Berenike Maier


List of speakers

  • Michael Brockhurst, University of Manchester
  • Briana Burton lab, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Martijn Callens (Stephanie Bedhomme lab), CNRS Montpellier
  • Jason Chirakadavil (Xavier Charpentier lab), INSERM
  • Ankur Dalia, Indiana University Bloomington
  • David Dubnau, Public Health Research Institute
  • Ashlee Earl, Broad Institute
  • Mona Förster (Berenike Maier lab), University of Cologne
  • Alexandru Ion (Nicholas Croucher lab), Imperial College London
  • Calum Johnston (Patrice Polard lab), CBI Toulouse
  • Alexandra Kilb (Peter Graumann lab), University of Marburg
  • Daniel Lopez, Centro Nacional de Biotecnología
  • Donald Morrison, University of Illinois Chicago
  • An Nguyen (Michael McDonald lab), Monash University
  • Danevcic Tjasa (Ines Mandic-Mulec lab), University of Ljubljana
  • Ruben Torres (Juan Alonso lab), Centro Nacional de Biotecnología
  • Delyana Vasileva (Joshua Michener lab), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Axel Janssen (Jan-Willem Veening lab), EPFL Lausanne
  • Andrea Weiss (Lingchong You lab), Duke University